Selamat datang di Japan Course Surabaya

For those of you, who cannot afford to travel much, the cheaper way to learn Japanese is to get enrolled into a language school or to buy software for learning the language from your own home or office.
Other then going to the native place of the language and learning the language, there are many other alternatives. You have the option of learning Japanese from the comfort of your own home. This is possible through the use of the Internet and also through the use of language learning software that you can invest in.

Making The Leap For English To Japanese

Japanese is not very easy for English speakers. There are three sets of Japanese alphabets, Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji. Writing the language is the biggest challenge. You will need to spend most of your time on Kanji as this is the set of alphabets used most often. These are strokes made on basis of Chinese alphabets. Usually, greetings in Japanese are of two types, Friendly and Formal. You should pay attention to such minute differences.

When you learn to speak Japanese, remember they are extremely polite people and the levels of politeness depend on many factors such as age sex rank etc. Also, context in which words are spoken or written is very important.

This is because, you will realize that Japanese grammar is rather confusing with the same words being written for different sentences. Say for example, ‘I killed her’ and ‘he killed her’, will be written using same words and same manner.

If you learn Japanese language from websites, you will be exposed to a truly unique and distinct culture. You will find it very interesting, once you have done the basic language course.

You can learn to speak Japanese if you put in right effort. Internet is an extremely vast and important source of information. You can use any course offered online by reputed institutions and websites. You can chat with people with interest in this language or native speakers also on Internet to learn this language better.


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